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Intelligence tests essay sample

on February 11, 2015


Intelligence tests have been in use for many years. They serve as a means of determining one’s intellectual potential. However, there is no guarantee that they are as reliable as they are thought to be. The thing is that these days employers pay more attention to the applicant’s personal qualities rather than the results of IQ tests. What is more, millennials are taking over the job market. What it presupposes is that they are gradually changing the workplace. As a result, the ability to be creative and innovative is more important than high IQ test results.

Another aspect to take into account is the test itself. There are lots of questions regarding the way it has been designed. The test is more about your ability to think logically rather than your intellectual abilities. Apart from that, in most cases there are a few ways of solving a problem or approaching a certain issue. The test has only one right answer while in reality there can be several. So, it means that intelligence tests will probably get less and less popular in the nearest future. More information on the issue of intelligence tests can be found here …

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