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Business Case

The proposed solution for this business case is to implement Sage 100 ERP for what will be the combined operations of the existing Trusty Carpets building as well as the Metro Carpets location that would be absorbed. The combined ERP solution would manage sales, accounting, inventory and personnel for the combined operations of the two stores. The two locations would connect to a singular system and there would be secure VPN access for offsite employees and the hired accountant for the firm. Offsite data backup will be maintained for all data so that the larger firm is protected from the loss of either or both stores. This system will allow for real-time inventory, sales and accounting data so as to maintain seamless daily operations.
The first part of the solution will be the equipment. There will be twenty workstations in total between the two locations. Ten will be at the Trusty Carpets site and the other ten will be at the Metro Carpet site. These computers will be used for a variety of functions and they will be described when the Enterprise Resource Planning software is mentioned. The computers will be connected by a local LAN at each site and all of the computers will link up to central application and data servers that will be located at the Trusty Carpets site.
The workstations will be Dell desktop computers with 20 inch screens. Each workstation will be equipped with a barcode scanner, a keyboard, mouse and printer. Computers will be used for all functions necessary to conduct daily business. Again, the different functions will be described when mentioning the ERP software.
The application and data servers will be backed up offsite with a vendor that allows for up to 250 gigabytes of data at any given time. This will be expanded in the future as is required or expedient. The data tunnel that exists between the servers and the backup will be secured via VPN access. The same will be done for the account with his access to Trusty/Metro accounting data. VPN will also be used for off-site sales people and administrative staff who need to access data remotely for whatever reason. This will be useful in many ways including with visits directly to client sites and access for when the offices have to be closed down due to weather or the holiday. Staff will still be able to be productive even if they are not physically in the office.
The computer systems will coalesce around Sage’s 100 ERP software. The software is meant to a suite that is inclusive of all of the Metro/Trusty functions so that several different disparate software and service solutions are not necessary to operate the business. The standard system and fifty user seats will be purchased. The Sage system allows the purchase of a number of different modules so that the solution can be customized to the application it’s being placed within.
The modules that are being purchased are for accounts payable, accounts receivable, bar codes, credit card processing, inventory management, sales order processing, payroll and direct deposit. The accounts payable module will be used to manage the liabilities of the two locations towards outside vendors such as carpet and carpet installation tools and supply vendors. The accounts receivable module will be used to manage money inflows that are due from clients, both commercial and residential.
The bar code module will be used to establish and manage an inventory system that will allow for fast and efficient tracking of product as opposed to relying on catalogs and phone calls. There will be exceptions, but an emphasis will be put with vendors and solutions that are computerized so that customers can be told with minimal delay whether sufficient stock for an order is in stock. That is the modern way of doing things and that is the way that Trusty/Metro will move forward. The bar code module will be interfaced with the inventory management module and the sales order processing module so that inventory and back-stock is updated in real time rather than once a day or worse.
The credit card processing module will be used to process customer payments for orders, both in full and via installment payments.

The payroll module will be used to process wage payments to employees and contractors and will be much easier to manage and change than the cookie-cutter style application of an outside vendor. Direct deposits will be processed so that employees are paid via electronic direct deposit as opposed to paper check. Employees will be strongly urged to use direct deposit because of the inherent advantages and benefits when compared to a physical check that can be lost and that has to be cashed.
The biggest part of the transition to the Sage ERP 100 system and the new technical setup will be the people that support it. The existing information technology staff will have to be trained on how to use the system, how to set it up and what not to do vis-à-vis this new setup. An emphasis will be placed on security and discretion so that private customer data is not compromised either at the stores or when it is being communicated in or out of the location by remote associates or the accountant.
Sales staff will have to be trained on using the bar code, inventory and sales order modules so that inventory and sales are recorded and updated in a correct and timely fashion. Effective and correct use of these systems is necessary for these systems to be effective. The payroll and human resources staff will have to learn the system as well and make sure that their use of the system both results in people being paid timely and correctly as well as remaining compliant with all relevant laws related to human resources and payroll administration.
In conclusion, this changeover is very massive and will have demonstrable and real effects on the Trusty name. If the change is done poorly, the effects will be distinct and massive so this cannot be allowed to happen. All people will be exhaustively trained and all people will be monitored once the system is launched so that Trusty can ensure that the new system is taking on correctly and will end up not being a detriment to short-term or long-term performance. This change should be as seamless as possible to the customers. Even better, the customers should notice obvious and discernible improvements over the prior system and this will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. This changeover will not be allowed to fail.

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